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Do you think twice before saying what is on your mind? 

Do you stay silent or go along so as not to offend or seem rude? 

Do you get overly stressed and anxious in choosing just the right words so as not to agitate anyone?   

Do you avoid confronting on an important issue to avoid upsetting another person? 

You've done it, haven't you?  And so have I. Many of us women do it all day long! 

What's interesting is how we explain it to ourselves: we say we're using sound judgment and picking the right battles. Or, too often, we think WE are the problem...

We tell ourselves we're just shy or that the issue is just not that important. Then we go away and grumble about it to ourselves with frustration, regret, or worse...for hours, days, sometimes weeks...  

Am I right? 

There is danger in all the rationalizations we make for not speaking up. We are perpetuating a problem that isn't even our problem. It's comes instead from an ancient "strategy" for silencing voices.  And it's everywhere in our culture...

Dealing with it is so exhausting, it's a wonder us women ever speak up at all...

And here's the thing...this silencing force...this's invisible! And as long as it stays invisible, it will control you, rather than the other way around. 

So let me show it to you and help you recognize it, so you can overcome it's silencing effect.  

In my book, I call this force out for what it really is - a strategy people use on you to silence you! And I give you specific ways to defend yourself against the many ways it shows up. 

Because you see, YOU are not the problem here.  It's not because you are too shy or too aggressive...or too anything!

This strategy was designed specifically to silence you and create an imbalance of power and is THE significant factor in women's powerlessness around the globe, even the most "powerful" and confident women.   
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Don't go another minute without knowing 
and seeing this force for what it is in your life. 

The world needs women to reach their full potential. 

The world needs YOU to reach your full potential. 

That will only happen 
when we all speak up and stand strong for ourselves and for eachother!

Leann is the author of Speak Up Stand Strong and the creator of the related Speak Up Stand Strong Project – her program to empower women to develop more courageous voices, get focused on the lives they deserve to have, speak up for themselves and to stand strong against the blatant and so often hidden oppressive forces they face everyday as women. Clients work on developing courage, healthy boundaries, personal power – and their voices – so they get what they want in their personal and professional lives.

Leann is the founder and creator of The Courageous Mindset ® - her coaching business and courage focused program for male and female clients who are ready to bust through their comfort zones and into the lives they truly want to be living. 

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